The story of Sensify is the story of a constant quest for balance. Balance between Nature, Humankind and Fashion.

Inner balance and outer balance.

Being who you are at any given moment and harmoniously and honestly reflecting that “you” in the garments you wear.

In full awareness of your choices, opting for a brand that offers you a meaningful alternative to wasteful fast or unsustainable high fashion market players.

Such is the way of Sensify.

Shapes that can adapt to your own changing self. A dress you wore at this crazy summer party becoming a cosy wrap enveloping your shoulders on a romantic winter evening, a playful jumpsuit conveniently morphing into an elegant pair of trousers, a…

You see it, you dream it, you wear it any which way you like.

Change the face of fashion for all slowfashion fashionistas

Sensify balance is in no way static.
It is as the constant rebalancing of the acrobat on the tightrope,
the swinging of an amorous couple to the tune of jazz music
resulting in an amazing image of elegance and unexpected harmony

Change the face of fashion for all slow fashion fashionistas

That is Sensify to the core: meaningful, elegant and yes, also luxurious, since what can be more luxurious than feeling nature on your skin, feeling and knowing that you are in harmony with yourself and with nature?

Each Sensify garment is made from fibres respectfully harvested from Mother Nature herself and produced in Ecocert certified factories and traditional workshops in Portugal with respect for the wellbeing of their workers.

Sensify’s balancing act also extends to the constant seeking of ever better and more sustainable resources and production processes.

That is the story of Sensify.

That is why you can rely on us.

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