Production & Certifications

Made in Portugal

The Portuguese textile industry has a long standing reputation for delivering high quality products.

There are historical reasons for it. Portuguese explorers brought home fibres such as silk and cotton from far away regions.

Portugal is proud of its many small to medium-sized, mostly family owned and family operated textile workshops and production facilities. The high quality and work ethic of the textile workers is legendary.

All Portuguese textile factories naturally need to comply with European environmental regulations while labour laws are clearly defined to protect workers’ rights.

That is why 'Made in Portugal' is a quality label that Sensify has chosen to adopt from the beginning.

Production & Certifications

Produced and dyed in GOTS certified factories and traditional workshops

Years ago, Portuguese textile companies introduced sustainability in the selection of fibres and the production process.

That led to their products receiving the international GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard), which means the factory’s supply chain meets all the requirements regarding ecological and labour conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing using organically produced raw materials.

GOTS equally applies to all colour dyeing of Sensify garments.

Continuous improvement

In the context of continuous improvement, Sensify expects to obtain its ISO 9001 certification in the course of the year.

Other sustainability-related certifications are in progress.

Production & Certifications
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