Modal has been classified as a bio-based textile fibre made of wood pulp. Its particularity is that Modal is made exclusively from beech trees, which makes it more costly than fibres made from undifferentiated wood pulp. The process to transform the pulp into yarn is also milder to nature while the result is softer and the feel more delicate.

Modal, sustainable, Sensify
Modal, sustainable, Sensify

Garments made of Modal yarn or Modal mixed with fibres such as cashmere or merino wool are luxuriously comfortable and breathable. They easily absorb excess moisture.

Modal is very easy care. Machine or hand-wash in cold to warm water (30° to 40° will do fine) using an environmentally friendly detergent and hang to dry – or if circumstances do not allow, gently tumble dry in your drier on middle-range temperature.

Modal, sustainable, Sensify

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