Flax Linen

Flax is the very ecological natural provider of linen fibre

Flax with its pretty blue flowers is the very ecological natural provider of linen fibre.

Linen fibre, of course, is obtained from the flax plant and therefore is entirely natural. And yes, the flax plant also produces flaxseed equally called linseed which in turn can be pressed to produce linseed oil. Quite the versatile fellow, this flax plant…

Moreover, flax is content to grow on rather poor soil and doesn’t really need pesticides or herbicides, nor does it need a lot of water.

The European Confederation of Linen and Hemp even suggests that the linen used to manufacture one shirt merely used 6,5 litres of water during it’s lifecycle compared to 2.700 litres required to grow what cotton is needed to manufacture one cotton shirt. Wow. Add to all that that linen is completely biodegradable and you know that this amazing fibre is a true star of sustainability.


Linen is also quite marvellous in that it is thermo-regulating, anti-static and anti-bacterial. Because it can absorb no less than 20 times (!) it’s weight in water before it feels damp, linen keeps feeling cool and dry to the touch in simmering hot weather conditions.

Even our very distant forefathers (and foremothers I would think) knew about the amazing qualities of linen fibre: the very oldest trace of linen known of today was found in a cave in present-day Georgia (Europe) and dates back 30.000 years, no less.

Is linen the perfect material for your sustainable wardrobe? Before deciding, do remember that woven linen has one property that many a busy woman finds discouraging: it wrinkles. Easily and a lot. Some of us are okay with that but, here comes the good news: as all Sensify garments are knit (jersey) and not woven, your Sensify linen or linen mix item will not wrinkle. How is that for an extra benefit?


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