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Extensive literature has been written about bamboo – and for very good reasons.

First off: there are over 1500 varieties of bamboo, imagine that! Also, all bamboo varieties really belong to the grass family, which is wonderful since it means that, just as when you mow the grass in your garden and it grows back, so does bamboo.

Also, its root system is really special. It’s called a rhizome, meaning the roots keep creeping further and further under the ground, regularly giving birth to new shoots.

Granted, that can be a real nuisance when trying to contain a bamboo corner in your backyard – but it is quite a blessing in natural circumstances since bamboo does not require fertilisers and also thrives on poor soil unfit for agriculture.

And, it doesn’t need artificial pesticides either since it contains its own innate natural organic pesticides. How is that for environmental friendliness?

"Already a fact: the world's first organic bamboo plantation is located in Portugal"

Laila Sørensen

Bamboo fibers fabrics Sensify

Conclusion: bamboo is a truly sustainable plant.

So much so, that planting bamboo on abandoned agricultural soil in Southern European countries such as Portugal (where the first organic bamboo plantation is already a fact).

This means a huge contribution towards not only cleaner air to breathe for all living beings, but also those organic bamboo plantations that can also help heal our planet. Doesn’t that sound huge?

It does and it is. Did you know that, let’s say, one hectare of bamboo absorbs an average of 15 times more CO2 from the atmosphere than the same plot planted with trees? And that the yield from bamboo is up to 35 times higher?

Of course, the bamboo stalks (officially they are called culms) have to be processed to morph into spinnable yarn. Although some progress still needs to be made to render this process 100% eco-friendly, rest assured that Sensify’s supplier here in Portugal is Ecocert certified and that together with them, Sensify is constantly on the look-out for evermore perfectly sustainable methods.

And for those amongst us who like to wear their slim-fit garments directly on the skin: you’ll be delighted to find out Sensify bamboo feels exactly like a smooth second skin

That being said, bamboo yarn is deliciously soft and silky and makes for super comfortable clothing items that will stay with you for a very long time.

Sensify bamboo garments are breathable and thermo-regulating.

This means they absorb and then release body moisture which makes bamboo considerably more comfortable to wear than cotton.

Moreover, Sensify bamboo garments have antibacterial qualities and are fully bio-degradable.

Also, because bamboo fibre has a perfectly smooth surface, it lies nice and flat against the skin which makes it the “dream-come-true” fibre if your skin is sensitive or easily irritated. Wow!

All bamboo used to make Sensify garments is FSC warranted while the dyeing of the yarn is GOTS certified.

Bamboo fibers fabrics Sensify


Sensify bamboo items are very easy care: hand- or machine-wash (save energy: they don’t need more than 30°C), simply hang them to dry and iron if needed.

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