How the pandemic is changing the way we dress and live

In an interview on Portugal’s TV24 Fashion Film Factory, our chief-designer Laila Sørensen spoke about how the pandemic forces us to reflect on how we live and how we consume.

In this video of the interview, she explains how such a reflection will inevitably lead to a much more sustainable way of dressing, more practical and with less impact on nature.

Laila strongly recommends adopting a new habit when buying clothes and that is to take a close look at the labels. What is the garment made of (natural materials or synthetics)? Where was it produced (think of the environmental cost of the transport and how you can know that working conditions are fair or not)? What type of care does the garment need (is it washable and at what temperature or does it require dry cleaning)?

Overall, Laila expects that consumers will become increasingly aware of the importance of making a conscious choice to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Finally, Laila notes that even though many of us were already aware of the need for sustainability, now the pandemic forces us all to address it.

You can watch the full interview in the video below.

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